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Own Your Business.

Own Your Career.

50+ years in business. Over $40,000,000 in gross annual sales (2014). The #1 Final Expense Insurance Agency in America!

Recession Proof?

Approximately 10,000 retirees turn 65 every day according to the US Census Bureau. By 2030, the 65-plus population will exceed 70 million. We offer a product and a service that the senior market wants and needs.

Work Hard, Play Harder…

Every year, Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company offers amazing and fantastic qualifying trips for agents and managers. In addition, Golden Memorial offers each agent extensive training, tools and support. Ultimately it is up to the individual to perform and qualify based on personal production.

“Golden Memorial is the biggest final expense agency in the United States”

Doug Turner – Vice President, Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company

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“We’re in the business to pay claims”

Jack Londen – Founder, Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company

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“We help consumers receive the best possible pricing...”

Joe Kraft – President, Funeral Consumer Guardian Society

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Got License?

If not, no problem… If you’re not currently LIFE licensed in insurance and would like to be, it’s easy to obtain. Click below if you need to get licensed and would like to receive a discount on the class.

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We’re fond of saying that this business is not for everyone but for the right entrepreneurial minded individual that is looking for an incredible system to plug in to, we may be the perfect fit. Apply today and see why 1000+ licensed agents across the USA call Golden Memorial, home…

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